This is, as far as I'm aware, the Internet's most extensive (and certainly the oldest) resource page listing for all things to do with collecting royalties for musical performance. It contains a fairly comprehensive listing of collection societies that your manager, if you are a recording artist and a composer, might just have forgotten to mention to you; organisations and associations whose sole raison d'etre, is to pay you money you have earned and should be receiving for the exploitation of your works.

A number of societies will represent or even say they require a global assignment. The fact however is that provided you are willing to take onboard the significant additional administration, you will in all probablility secure higher earnings by assigning to a number of societies in their specialist territories. Be clear what you are shopping for. Performance collection is not the same as collecting for musical authorship.

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Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society. International but UK based. 35,000 members and associates - collects around 10,000,000 pounds per annum. Interesting site.

The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society.AMCOS currently represents 212 music publishers in Australian and New Zealand and has reciprocal agreements with 25 international mechanical societies and represent a further 18 mechanical societies by virtue of their agreements with affiliates.

The Australian Performing Rights Association. Frames based site with good affiliates links

The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. The USA 's biggest collection society. 68,000 members.

French based International organization whose stated objective is to group together societies all over the world that have as a purpose the administration of mechanical rights. BIEM has 32 member societies in 30 countries.

USA's second biggest collection agency after ASCAP.

The Netherlands Copyright Organizations

The International Confederation Of Societies Of Authors And Composers (CISAC) is a French based non-profit, non-governmental organization, which embraces 159 societies and two organizations in 87 countries; representing more than a million creators of musical, dramatic, literary and audio-visual works and of works of visual art (such as fine art, sculpture, photography and illustration). Has a useful list of email contacts here

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. Canada's largest music licensing agency, representing more than 30,000 music publishers and copyright owners.

The Irish Music Rights Organization for performing rights.

An excellent German Society For Musical Performing Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights. It combines into one function that which PRS and MCPS in the UK perform and in my view does both rather better than either of the aforementioned.


Tel: +47 22 00 77 77
Fax: +47 22 00 77 78
Joint Collecting Society in Norway for Musicians, Performing Artists and Record Producers. Should in theory pay a performance royalty to all performers on recordings that receive airplay. Make sure that when the bank account is set up for you in your name in Oslo by whoever you grant legal authority to do it, also makes sure that the money is subsequently sent to you in England and not to someone else .. therein lies a tale.

Another rather excellent German collection agency (PPL should take lessons) which pays royalties to performers whose performances (whether as session musicians or artists) are aired on German radio. Many UK members like myself elect to use the services of an independent agent to collect or their behalf (in my case, I use accountants, Lichte Schramm 040 480 88 00, who for 10% take care of all the bothersome details.) GVL's lawyers have asked me to clarify that there is no relationship between GVL and Lichte Scramm (just as well too!!) and that since there are apparently lots of agents competing (news to me) and only one collecting society for performers'rights, controlled by government and obliged to equal treatment, my text would be a violation of artt. 1, 3 UWG if I give the impression that only Lichte Schramm provide this service. So what do I say? Personally I'd strongly recommend you use Lichte Schramm to collect your GVL because I've used them for years and I think they're really great - but you can of course use whichever agent you desire, or none at all and collect direct, as is the case in the UK. See PPL.

Harry Fox Agency (HFA)
The largest American mechanical rights body I believe.

Irish Music Rights Organisation.

Denmark's collection agency. See NCB

The British Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited . An important society to join but quite possibly the ugliest web-site I've ever visited. Don't try it with a hangover unless carrots in the keyboard don't worry you. A comparison of it's web page design to that of GEMAs should tell you something.

Nordisk Copyright Bureau. To become a member of NCB, Nordic copyright holders apply to the respective national authors' rights societies - KODA in Denmark, STEF in Iceland, STIM in Sweden, TEOSTO in Finland and TONO in Norway - which then transfer the music recording rights to NCB. Foreign copyright holders can become members of NCB directly, unless they are already represented through one of NCB's sister societies abroad such as the PRS.

Also known as P@MRA. Ambitous recruting techniques for membership from this UK based, relative newcomer to the musicbiz, may lead some to potential conflicts with pre-existing arrangments, as when push comes to shove they represent that they require a global assignment as a pre-condition to off-shore collection. However if one pit stop appeals you could probably do worse. If facts speak loudest, today (17.12.99) I received a payment from them for UK performance royalties ten times in excess of those grossed up earnings received over twenty years of PPL membership..

Phonographic Performance Ltd. Set up by the record industry to collect performance based royalties for "needle time". Royalties are supposed to be payable to anyone who has performed on any recording that receives air-play or is otherwise broadcast in the UK, so membership is important and I wish you better treatment than I've received: To date, I have yet to receive one penny in PPL for any of my performances with Dire Straits or any information about which bank acount they did send it to, despite false promises they would supply it. Their latest royalty payment to me was 39 pence - by their deeds shall you know them. Pity Lichte and Schramm don't have a UK office.

The U.K. Performing Right Society. Remember that you do not have to join for the world if you don't choose to. You could for example elect to have your GAS (Germany Austria Switzerland) royalties collected by GEMA and your US ones by ASCAP BMI or HFI and everything else by the PRS and MCPS.

The Belgian Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers for collecting both mechanical and performance royalties

The Society of Authors and Composers in France, or as they prefer to say "La SACD est une société civile de perception et de répartition des auteurs, société privée gérée par et pour pour les auteurs." Nuff said.

France's Society of Authors, Composers, and Music Publishers - Stated objective to look after the reproduction and performance rights of composers. 72,000 members dealing with 550,000 broadcasters, show organizers and music producers. Has 100 regional offices and therefore 1,500 staff. Mon D.

Swedish Artists and Musicians Interest Group

Founded on the initiative of the Swedish Musicians' Union and Swedish Actors' Union to administer the rights of performing artists - It sees it's primary job to collect and distribute compensation for the public use of recorded performances

Dutch society which collects performance royalties for both Performing Artists and Producers.
A performing artist being "everyone who makes a creative contribution to the performance which was recorded. His or her personal talents, experience and ideas make this performance unlike any other: it is unique. A producer of phonograms is the natural or legal person who creates the basic conditions for the recording (in legal terms the fixation of a performance is called a 'phonogram'). The producer (not to be confused with the 'manufacturer' of sound recording mediums, like CD's) takes care of the organization, bears the financial responsibility, etc."

Thought to be the third largest US collection agency after ASCAP and BMI, SESAC is privately owned. After collection, administration costs, and distributions, SESAC's owners share in the profits each year. SESAC is proposing to digitally detect airplays rather than rely solely on reporting sheets and sampling.

Spain's General Society of Composers and Publishers

S.I.A.E. Address is Viale della Letteratura, 00144 Rome, Italy. Phone - 0039 6 59901, fax - 0039 6 5964 7052.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

Specializes in collecting sound recording performance royalties, including Neighboring Rights on behalf of recording artists, estates and music labels worldwide.

Slovak Performing & Mechanical Rights Society

Swiss authors´copyright society

The Norwegian Performing Rights Society

Additional U.S. and Canadian Music Industry links

The American Music Center is a resource center for contemporary American music and jazz.

The Blues Foundation

The Canadian Independent Record Production Association

Copyright Office Of The Library of Congress

Copyright Society of the U.S.A.

The East Coast Muisc Association Novia Scotia.

The National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences

The National Music Center

The National Music Publishers Association

Nashville Publishers Network

The Pacific Composers Forum

 The Royalty Network
A Canadian resource for royalty matters

Song-writers Association of Canada

The Songwriters' Association of Washington

AES World Wide Web Audio Index

The Song-writers Guild of America

Music Interactive professional resources

 If you need more in-depth info about collection societies and their personal foibles, such as the fact that Japan pay on sales as well as airplay, or want to know who RIAJ or GEIDANKYO are, please Email the internet's number one expert, Dax, the author of a soon to be published, excellent book on the whole subject and I expect he'll be pleased to advise you on your specific query. He can also act as agent for ADAMI France, SAMI Sweden, GRAMEX Finland, GRAMEX Denmark, AIE Spain, GVL Germany, AARC USA, SENA Holland & GRAMO Norway if you require one. He now has a Sample Clearance website at

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