Music Articles and other miscellanea

by David Knopfler

This index page contains links to various articles generally, but not always, published offline first in Acoustic Guitar USA, Musik Woche in Germany, or elsewhere and subsequently placed here. The following short articles may be read or downloaded for private use but the copyright remains with the author. Consent needs to be sought and given in writing for any of these articles to be saved, re-published or recycled in any way.

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The Singer Songwriter
© David Knopfler 18th June 2003

Building Your Support Team
©David Knopfler April 2002
Notes for NEMO in Boston

PGP and the Home Office
©David Knopfler 17th July 2000 - for "1984" and "Webwatch"

Welcome to the 21st Century

©David Knopfler January 2000 - Mac computing article for 1984

That was the Millennium That Was
©David Knopfler 24th June 1999

Harmonisation of the Facts

Published here only December1998
©David Knopfler 1998

Technology and The Muse
Published by Acoustic Guitar Magazine July 1998
©David Knopfler 1998

How Much Is That Fender In The Window?
Published online at April/May '98

Apple Cores

Microsocks and an incredible self extending wooden nose
©David Knopfler 1998

The Blues Scene

Copyright ©David Knopfler 15th January 1998
First published in Big City Blues Michigan May '98

F Links

©David Knopfler 15th September 1997

Jerry Wexler
Copyright © David Knopfler, 4th September 1993
Knopfler's musings about his encounters with a legend in the music business. First published in Musik Woche

Full moon Over Frankfurt
Copyright © David Knopfler, December1993
Misadvantures of UK rock band in Frankfurt.
First published in Musik Woche

Ten Dumb Things
Copyright © David Knopfler, 21st June1996
Ten Dumb Things you'll do with your computer, sooner or later

Virtual David
Copyright © David Knopfler 9th September 1996
Useful excuses to keep your Email correspondance from growing beyond your present address book